please mr. postman

Letter writing was once an art, but at some point we all traded mailboxes for Inboxes.  As much as we love the speed and ease of modern communication, can an email ever feel as special as a hand-written note?  We don’t think so, and thankfully neither do Rebecca Dolan and Brandy Fedoruk of The Regional Assembly of Text.

Regional Assembly of Text

The Vancouver-based duo has been designing and selling their goods on Main St since the early 2000’s.  They opened up shop in Victoria just a couple of months ago, bringing with them a huge variety of unique greeting cards, journals, wrapping paper, buttons, vintage-inspired postcards, and yes, antique typewriters.  Take a break from the constant flurry of text messages and type someone special a personal note – who knows, they may even write you back!

Find The Regional Assembly of Text at #116 – 560 Johnson St., Victoria, BC.

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