girls rock (and roll)

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t dream of being rock stars.  Hey, we’d even settle for backup tambourine.

Maybe we mis the boat on our musical careers, but thanks to Girls Rock Camp the next generation of Alison Mosshart wannabes don’t have to.  The six day long camp connects female youth with local musicians and volunteers and uses rock and roll as a foundation for teaching campers important skills like team building and leadership.  The first Girls Rock Camp began in Portland, Oregon in 2001.  Independently run camps happen in cities around the world, including Vancouver, Seattle, and now Victoria.  Victoria’s first Girls Rock Camp is slated for August 2014 where campers will form a band and together learn instruments, write a song, and perform in front a live audience.

In true rock star fashion, Victoria native Kathryn Calder of The New Pornographers will be headlining the Girls Rock Camp Victoria Society’s kick-off fundraiser party July 13th, 2013 at Lucky Bar.  We’ll be the ones lip syncing from the side stage.

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