gone to market

We are food lovers.  More specifically, we are local food lovers – we want it homegrown and homemade.  We enjoy food that makes us feel good, whether it be for our comfort, nutrition, or community. Lucky for us, we’re not the only ones.

The Victoria Downtown Public Market Society started in 2010 with the goal of establishing a permanent year-round marketplace in downtown Victoria, increasing accessibility to that local homegrown, homemade food we love so much.  It took some time, but the permanent Public Market is expected to open in the Historic Hudson Building this summer, with plenty of room for artisan bakers, organic farmers, whole beast butchers, and more.  Already in full swing is the open air Victoria Downtown Farmer’s Market, located at the back carriageway of the Hudson.  Come for a grilled chorizo sausage sandwich (El Guapo Chorizo Grill), organic vegetables (Sun Trio Farm), a rhubarb ginger fritter (Doughboys Dounts), or white truffle chèvre (Salt Spring Island Cheese).  Or hey, why not try it all?


El Guapo Chorizo Sandwich

Find The Victoria Downtown Farmer’s Market at The Hudson every Wednesday, 11am until 3pm – rumour has it a Saturday market is just around the corner!

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