simple succulents

We’re not much for house plants, but we’re suckers for succulents.  It’s because they’re miniature (thus adorable) and don’t need a lot of water, so our apartment won’t turn into an overgrown jungle and they won’t die of neglect.  It’s the perfect partnership.  We recently made some succulent terrariums with goods from Dig This on Fort St.

We started by pouring a couple of inches of sand into the bottom of a glass vase.  We like it as a visual feature, but it also helps the soil to drain to avoid root rot.  On top of the sand, we added enough Cactus Soil to plant the succulents with room to grow.

succulent DIY     succulent DIY

Once the large succulent was centered, we tucked a few small succulents around it.  Lastly, we covered the soil with decorative gravel.  And because it was so darn easy we made three more!

succulent DIY   succulent DIY

Find Dig This at 636 Fort St., Victoria BC.  For more locations visit

6 thoughts on “simple succulents

  1. Laura Young

    I love love love your terrariums! I have a few of my own at home, killed all the succulents in the biggest most beautiful one though sadly, so I need to have it replanted soon..

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