our favourite (farm) things

A few days ago we found ourselves in the country with little to do when a member of our long weekend crew recommended a visit to Morningstar Farm, home to Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and MooBerry Winery.  Goats, cheese, and wine?  What’s not to love?

IMG_1830       IMG_1836
After a walk around the 68 acre dairy farm (there were many cow sightings and blackberry breaks) we stopped in at the barns for a chat with the goats, a llama, some very tiny cattle.  A three month old calf is about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, and at two days old they’re even cuter.

IMG_1829        IMG_1828

When they’re old enough these little guys will be the cows behind our favourite Little Qualicum Cheeseworks creations.  The local cheese makers offer over a dozen artisan cheeses, including firm, soft, and fresh options.  We tasted all of them (yes, all of them) at the farm store and narrowed down our favourites to the Rathtrevor Cheese (inspired by Swiss Gruyere and named after a local park), Montery Jill Cheese (a softer Jack), and the Island Brie Cheese (creamy texture, velvet white rind, and mushroomy overtones).

Any seasoned cheese lover knows that where there is cheese there is wine, and Morningstar Farm is no exception.  Within the farm store is the well-stocked tasting bar of MooBerry Winery.  This was our first venture into the world of BC berry wine, and it won’t be our last.  The Gooseberry Wine is crisp and light with a surprising smoky aroma while the Cranberry Wine is tart and finishes off with crisp, dry tones.  The berry (and apple and pear) wines are perfect for spritzers and cocktails, or lovely just on their own.

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks cheese can be purchased here in Victoria at most grocery stores, and MooBerry Wine is available at Cascadia Liquor Store.  Better yet, Morningstar Farm is only a short road trip away.  What’s more lovely than a farm stroll and a picnic of your favourite wine & cheese?  Did we mention they have sausage, too?

Find Morningstar Farm at 403 Lowry’s Rd., Parksville, BC

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