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Cocktail Culture by Shawn Soole and Nate CaudleFoodies love Little Jumbo for its creative menu and cocktail connoisseurs keep coming back for the expert mixing – a skill so few of us drinkers actually have.  Lucky for us, the men behind the bar have jotted down a few tricks of the trade in a new book, Cocktail Culture.  It kindly starts with the basics (shaken vs. stirred, flute vs. flip glass) before jumping into a wide variety of recipes from authors Shawn Soole and Nate Caudle along with several guest bartenders.  There are plenty of classics, but we recommend the section dedicated to experimental mixes turned mainstays, like Rosemary’s Baby (rosemary, Chartreuse, gin, Galliano, lemon juice) and the Mayahuel Flame (tequila, Green Tea & Serrano Chile Amaro, Ginger & Honey Shrub, grapefruit juice). We love the The Before It Was Cool, a mix of bourban, Espresso Syrup, half and half and Angostura Aromatic Bitters – everything a hipster loves in one satirical drink.

We won’t be tossing bottles any time soon, but thanks to Shawn and Nate we’ll gladly play bartender for a night.

Find Cocktail Culture in Victoria at Munro’s Books, Russell Books, and Little Jumbo, or online at

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