ten cheap (and delicious) wines

It’s the time of year we love for its glittering parties and warm evenings by the fire, and hate for its gluttony and over indulgence. ‘Tis the season of consuming – whether it be food, drink or gifts. The gifts can go, but in our circle of friends and family Christmas is built on eating and drinking.  Help the booze budget this year with these 10 affordable (and tasty) reds – your guests will never know you didn’t break the bank.

JP Chanet                 

From left to right, JP Chanet Merlot Cabernet, France $11.99; Saint & Sinner Shiraz Cabernet, Canada – $11.99; La Vieille Ferme Red, France – $12.99; Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile – $12.99; Wine Men of Gotham Cabernet, Australia – $12.99; Finca Los Primos Syrah, Argentina – $11.98; Bear Flag Smooth Red Blend, USA – $11.99; Painted Turtle Merlot, Canada – $8.29; Copper Moon Malbec, Canada – $8.69; Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon, USA – $14.99.

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