StickygramWe love Instagram.  It’s by far the social media we check most often in a day. It holds our favourite pics and provides a grainy look at our friends’ filtered lifestyles. It lacks long rants, political debates, passive aggressive updates, elderly relatives and advertisements.  It’s awesome.

When we found out about Stickygram (thanks Julie!) we couldn’t wait to share the news…right after we placed our order, that is.  Stickygram turns your most beloved snaps into tiny magnets so you can plaster your favourites where you can see them – without picking up your phone.

Until January 31st order 3 sheets of magnets for the price of 2, or 5 for the price of 3 – each sheet is $14.99USD and includes 9 magnets, each roughly the same size as they appear on your phone.

Bonus: these little gems make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Find Stickygram at

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