candid camera


We’ve traipsed around some pretty incredible places with some pretty incredible people, but we lack the pictures to prove it.  We aren’t interested in watching our holiday pass by through a lens, and we’re not too talented with the camera to begin with. After all, the internet offers a million shots of the Eiffel Tower, right? But what the internet can’t dish out is candid pictures of our adventures with our favourite people. Without fail, we always wish we had taken more friend and family shots to remember our vacation by.

Enter Victoria-based Flytographer, a worldwide vacation photography service. Flytographer provides travelers with easy access to vacation photographers in over 70 cities worldwide for fun, candid photo shoots that results in wall-worthy, editorial-style vacation photos – an idea that started in the city of love and spread from Amsterdam to Tokyo and everywhere in between.

Two years ago I met my best friend in Paris. We live on different continents and after years apart were thrilled at the chance to catch up. We took a few selfies, and a stranger took photos to help “capture our day” but the results were indubitably “MEH”. Then, a Paris-based friend kindly agreed to take shots as we meandered the streets. Those candid photos completely captured the spirit of our afternoon in a way we never could alone.  ‘I’d TOTALLY pay for this’, I thought.  So Flytographer was created to help others capture their special travel moments together, too.

~ Nicole Smith, Founder of Flytographer

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