keep it clean

Steele & Co.One chilly evening in December while we were standing on Government Street waiting for Brasserie to open, the woman behind us asked if we would hold her place in line so she could she duck into The Milkman’s Daughter.  When she came back out she explained that she had to pick up some of her favourite soap – then she reached out her hand and thrust the soap under our noses. It smelled good. It smelled damn good. We asked her to hold our place so we could grab a bar (and more) of our own.

The soap that won our hearts (and noses) is handmade by Steele & Co. right here in Victoria. Following family recipes and tradition, Steele & Co. uses simple and natural plant-based ingredients scented with botanicals and essential oils to make high quality utilitarian products. Their west coast scents range from Cedar and Fir to Hunter’s Blind and Pepper and Mint, and soaps come in bar, shave, or liquid form. We’re not ones to pick favourites, but if we had to, our vote goes to Pepper and Mint.

Find Steele & Co. products at Citizen, Four Horsemen, Still Life, The Milkman’s Daughter, Oak Bay Beach Hotel Spa and Victory Barber & Brand.

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