for the badass ladies

Covet + Keep

We first spotted Elea Hilliard’s sassy jewelry at our favourite little charm shop, Belljar.  We were immediately drawn to the Jessie necklace, which at first glance looked sweet and unassuming.  Upon closer inspection we learned that the delicate pendants actually read “f” and “u” in braille.  We loved it a little more, then.

Covet + Keep

An ex-fashion editor, Elea started Covet+Keep Jewelry for the woman who “loves her life, wears her confidence, and is unapologetically herself”. A celebration of women and their deep-rooted and unwavering friendships, the local designer’s first line is aptly named That’s My Girl. The charming pieces display discreet braille messages like, “I’m not sorry”, “when you’re bad you’re better” and “this too shall pass”.  We covet them all, but we think the Dana necklace makes the perfect gift for your right-hand woman.  A grown-up take on the classic BFF necklace, the Dana set comes in two pieces – “best” + “bitches”.


Covet + Keep pieces can be found in Victoria at Belljar, Reunion Boutique, and Hive Hair. Not from these parts?  Covet + Keep is also sold in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, St. John’s and, of course, online.

Go ahead, be bad.

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