the french 75

A few months ago I started thinking very seriously about my 30th birthday. It was fast approaching and I was having some regrets about putting off so many of life’s little things – you know, the things you always think about but never actually do, like visit San Francisco and bake bread.  So I reviewed my mental catalog of wants and complied a list of 30 things I aim to do as a 30-year-old (you can see all 30 here).  Now that I’m 30 (!) the list is in full swing, starting with no. 14 ~ perfect the French 75.

When you find the perfect cocktail you never forget your first sip.  I had my first French 75 at Ferris’ Upstairs and its been a passionate love affair ever since. I turned my kitchen into a bar and celebrated the big three-oh with dear friends and delicious cocktails.  The trick to a tasty French 75? Lavender. Martha S. was kind enough to provide the recipe for a lavender simple syrup.


PS. Thanks to a special someone, I can also check no. 22 off the list ~ acquire a bicycle. She’s a beauty!

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