happy birthday to us


Our little blog is 1! We’re so thrilled to have made it through our first year, and we have our readers to thank.  We love our dear city (that’s you, Victoria) and we’re incredibly honoured to be a small part of its evolving culture.  It’s you that has inspired us to create {OH} Victoria and we hope you’ll stick around another year. We’ve only just begun!

In honour of the big day, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite posts from our first year.

not your gramma's attic

1. not your gramma’s attic – The post that launched {OH} Victoria, and spot we still adore.

listen up, gents

2. listen up, gents – Cooking To Get Laid is a big inspiration behind what we do, and a hell of a cool site.

high class hideout

3. high class hideout – This is the post that made us realize people might actually want to read our blog.  Cheers, Little Jumbo!

friday faves

4. friday faves – Our first ever friday faves. These posts are a lot of fun, and we love putting them together.

an easter egg DIY fir the lazy perfectionist

5. an easter egg DIY for the lazy perfectionist – We have no idea why we decided to get all crafty on you, but we did, and dammit it was fun. This was also the debut of our new camera, and we’re excited to share many more of our photos with you over the next year.

PS. A birthday like this calls for a west coast road trip.  We won’t be posting for the next few weeks, but join us on Instagram for some obnoxious vacation California adventure photos. We’ll be crossing a few things off our bucket list – another favourite post from our first year bloggin’.

2 thoughts on “happy birthday to us

  1. Valerie

    Happy, Happy Birthday, to the best blog in Victoria town. I always look forward to checking out your local finds!

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