eat your crust

Crust Bakery

Remember when you were little and your mom would send you off to school with your lunch box, give you a kiss, and tell you to eat your crust? She was so right. If you aren’t familiar with Crust Bakery then you, dear friend, are missing out. Pastry chef Tom Moore and wife Crystal opened Crust in the fall of 2013, taking the place of the old Rheinland Bakery on Fort St. Last spring they underwent a renovation that transformed Crust into the bright, airy space it is today.

The renovation was a good excuse to walk through the door, but let’s be honest – we were there for the pastry. Desserts are delicate and decadent and range from pastries and tarts to muffins and croissants.  Fans of savoury goods have plenty to choose from, too – savoury pastries, calzones and sandwiches are served up daily. All goods are made on site using natural ingredients, including Crust bread (rye, sourdough, baguette, 9-grain, focaccia, and even cinnamon, fruit and nut bread).

Our favourite? That blueberry lemon tart we couldn’t resist diving into before snapping a shot!

Find Crust Bakery at 730 Forst St., Victoria BC.

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