friday faves: mishmash edition

friday faves by {OH} Victoria

friday faves by {OH} Victoria

If this friday faves post has a theme, then it’s talented women. But that happened by accident, so we’re still going with “mishmash” – that’s just the kind of week it’s been.

1. For once, a DIY we can actually do. If you’re like us then your rings are on the coffee table, the dresser, the nightstand, the desk…really, any flat surface that happened to be available when you decided to take them off. Even if this adorable ring dish doesn’t solve that (it won’t) it still looks cool. DIY by the lady-run A Beautiful Mess.  2. We just stumbled across this We Heart It spotlight on Feling Poh and immediately fell in love with her whimsical water colours.  3. Kate of mega-blog Wit & Delight’s essay about ditching social media for a week is incredibly inspiring. We’ll let you know if we decide to follow suit.  4. How did we not know about The Toast until now? The book section is particularly witty.

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