easy diy: paper star garland

easy diy: paper star garland

easy diy: paper star garland


easy diy: paper star garland


easy diy: paper star garland

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’re not crafty. Oh it’s not that we don’t wish to be, it’s just that our creations almost always look better in our heads, and what we end up with is far from what we had planned. But once in a blue, blue moon our creation turns out exactly how we imagined it – or even better. It’s like a craft unicorn, or something. Last week the handmade gift tags we set out to make actually resulted in this pretty kraft paper star garland, perfect for a Charlie Brown tree or a whimsical mantle.

We started by cutting out stars in two different sizes. We cheated and used cookie cutters to draw the shapes, making the process a lot easier (not to mention prettier). Once the stars were cut, we used a sponge brush to cover about half the stars, big and small, with liquid glue.  We sprinkled gold and silver glitter over the wet glue – it goes without saying that our apartment is now very sparkly, and likely will be well into the new year.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The glittered stars will probably curl up a bit due to the glue, but we think this adds a little whimsy.

We used twine for the string.  Rather than fussing with holes in each star, we simply taped the twine to the back of each star. You might want to thread a smaller string through if you’d like the garland to be pretty from both front and back. A patterned washi tape or glitter tape would also do the trick.

We’ll admit this project was a little tedious, but overall it was really simple – most of this garland was constructed during a Netflix marathon.

If you missed our last Christmas diy post, check it out here.

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