musical q&a: meet Acronyms

What do Joni Mitchell, Wide Mouth Mason, and these four have in common? They’re musicians from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (and we’re pretty sure that’s where the similarities end). Music lovers, meet Acronyms, the latest indie-rock band to hail from the Canadian flat lands. Today marks the start of their first Canadian tour to promote their brand new EP SimpleComplex, and on March 28th they’ll be filling Victoria’s Copper Owl with a sound that has been compared to that of Foals, Radiohead and Tame Impala. We think you’ll like it, but be your own judge and listen to their singles Fake Fear and Parts here and here.

We chatted with singer/guitarist Billy Tataryn (in the glasses) about the band’s biggest dreams and the growing music scene in Saskatoon.

What band (past or present) would you most like to tour with?

Billy Tataryn: I think we can all agree that backing up the king of pop would be tight. Starting the night off with our intergalactic sounds sweep, then parking it on the side stage to watch Michael glide across the stage like a shooting star.

What’s your dream venue?

B: Probably on the back of a semi-truck parading through downtown Manhattan. I think we might pull it off better than those U2 guys.

Where did the name Acronyms come from?

B: Thin air. We literally had a band name before we had the band. Adan and I were school mates in University and would shoot bands names back and forth, Acronyms was one of them. Although we all agree that now having defined a sound for the band that the name, the way it sounds and looks, is reminiscent of the bands identity.

What song are you most excited about on SimpleComplex? Favourite song to play?

B: Parts is one of our favourite songs to start a set with. It’s a nice fast tempo track with catchy chord progressions and melodic hooks that progress through the song tying it together quite nicely. Kingdoms is another favourite track of ours, both on the EP and to play live. It has this repeated descending riff that sorta gives me chills when we’re all full drive tearing it up on the verse – then into the chorus most effects drop off and Tyson breaks in with a tight beat holding us all in the palm of his groove.

You’ve been compared to Tame Impala, Foals and Radiohead… who are your musical inspirations?

B: We mostly inspire each other. Every jam usually starts of with one of us showing the others a new song or band that we’ve been hooked on. We inspire each other by showing one another our musical tastes and preferences.

What’s life in Saskatoon like for a band?

B: Amazing, the music scene although growing is a tight knit group of individuals eager to support each other musical endeavours. We’ve all grown up playing in numerous other groups – it’s nice to get a chance to play with a lot of different people. I think that’s how Acronyms came to be, we eventually worked our way around until we found each other and enjoyed creating together. Since then Saskatoon has been a great place to call home for the band.


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