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We’re firm believers that a workspace should promote productivity, creativity and a sense of calm, but if we’re being completely honest we don’t always treat our workspace with the respect it deserves (its primary role is ‘dumping ground’). Feeling inspired (and hey, guilty) we swept the clutter off the desk and got to making our space just a little prettier. It’s not much, but we sure do like blogging here. Whether you’re working from a corner office or the corner of your couch, we encourage you to make the most of your workspace – it’s a big part of our lives, after all!

office inspiration by {OH} Victoriaoffice inspiration by {OH} Victoria

He brings the zen.

office inspiration by {OH} Victoria

office inspiration by {OH} Victoria

Full disclosure: none of the pencils are sharpened.

office inspiration by {OH} Victoria

Ripped out of a magazine years ago, this Andy Warhol quote has guided us through some pretty big life decisions.

office inspiration by {OH} Victoria

Postcards, handwritten notes, and photographs. Our everyday inspiration.

office inspiration by {OH} Victoria

office inspiration by {OH} Victoria

office inspiration by {OH} Victoria

Always on the desk: a pile of cards picked up from our favourite local businesses.

This post was inspired by WeWork, a platform that offers creatives co-working office spaces from Seattle to Amsterdam to Tel Aviv. We love the idea of a space made just for creatives who otherwise might be working solo at their kitchen table. Their mission really hit home: To create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.

We wish you happy working!

3 thoughts on “office inspiration

      1. allyxstuart

        I actually use their tote bag as a purse on the weekends. Their products are outstanding! (Seriously, though, I have a stash of their postcards that I bought on my last visit to Vic that I have trouble justifying mailing to people because I like them so much…)

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