bathing beauties

Julia Church, founder of Nettle's Tale

Human? Oh cool, so you have insecurities too, then. For many of us (like, all but maybe three people in the world) those insecurities are amplified with the arrival of summer. We don’t care who you are – there’s nothing easy about shedding your sweats and dawning lycra. Whether you’re cursed with short legs and an abnormally long torso (thanks, Dad!) or you’re still carrying that extra weight from Christmas ’05 (honey, you’re not 21 anymore – let it go), you still have to live your life. Bonus points if you feel good doing it.

Enter Julia Church, the force behind Vancouver-based swimwear brand Nettle’s Tale and the fine lady in red. Nettle’s Tale launched last year with an impressive Indiegogo campaign that filled a gaping hole in the fashion industry: swimwear that celebrates all body shapes and sizes modelled by everyday women. Today, the west coast brand is expanding beyond e-commerce with a brand new brick and mortar location at 4301 Main St where shoppers can book intimate one-on-one consultations and fittings, or just pop in to check things out. The fact that each swimsuit is made in Vancouver is icing on an already pretty decadent cake.

Our favourite thing about Nettle’s Tale might be the lookbook.  We can’t help but see ourselves in it – and we certainly can’t say that about any other swimsuit catalog.

Nettle's Tale Swimwear
Nettle's Tale Swimwear
Nettle's Tale Swimwear
Nettle's Tale Swimwear
Nettle's Tale Swimwear
Nettle's Tale Swimwear

Ready to drop those sweats? Yeah, us too.

Find Nettle’s Tale Swimwear online at or in person at 4301 Main St., Vancouver, BC.

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