the coolest kid sister around

Kid Sister

Did you know there’s a popsicle store on Fisgard Sreet? We didn’t either! You can imagine our shock and dismay (immediately followed by delight) when we discovered the hidden gem that is, today, Kid Sister. For three summer seasons, Fruition Paletas has been serving up homemade fruit popsicles (or, paletas) from its tiny, inconspicuous storefront tucked between Blanshard and Quadra. They’re back this summer as the newly re-branded Kid Sister – and they’re serving more than just popsicles. The cool cold treat shop offers ice cream, ice cream pies, milkshakes, sundaes, floats and soda. Best of all, each tasty delight is made in-house.

Kid Sister

We have to admit – our crush on Kid Sister started long before we sampled their goods. The brand caught our attention online, and we knew we had to check out the space. Even if you hate ice cream (who hates ice cream?!?) the storefront is worth a visit for the design alone. From the outdoor mural to the sleek black and white subway tiles inside, Kid Sister is cool from head to toe. The amazing branding was done by local company Talkie, and while it may be what got us through the door, it’s the delicious desserts that will keep us coming back (again, and again).

Find Kid Sister at 837 Fisgard St., Victoria BC.

friday faves: summer’s here

{oh} victoria: friday faves: summer's here

Guys, summer’s here.

1. We’ve pretty much vowed to never do a juice cleanse (seriously, it’s in writing) but the ma-luxe ladies have us reconsidering. Check out their review of the Vancouver-based Juice Truck and you too may be swayed.  2. This hat is a fair-skinned girl‘s best friend. And we don’t want to hear the ‘I look terrible in all hats’ moan – this cap is the universal exception.  3. You live for Fol Epi‘s bread and you lust for their pane chocolate, but have you had their organic soft serve vanilla bean ice cream in a fresh waffle cone? They’re serving ’em up all summer long!  4. Bangles, bangles, bangles. Leah Alexandra has all your summer (not to mention, fall, winter and spring) jewelry essentials. We can’t get enough of her bright, happy colours. Available online or in Victoria at Violette Boutique.  5. It’s important to stay hydrated on that sunny patio. These fruit ice cubes will jazz up that water (or gin, or vodka…)

friday faves: foodie edition


Disclaimer: we were extremely hungry when we put this post together.

1. This New York Times piece on novelist and food-writer Laurie Colwin had us dying to read Colwin’s work. 2. So we bought Home Cooking.  3. Oh look, two of our favourite things rolled into one! This edible flower cake came from the lovelies over at designlovefest. 4. We have to make a conscious effort not to re-post everything our friends at Cooking to Get Laid do, but we just couldn’t help ourselves with this Peach Cobbler in a Skillet.

Happy Friday, foodies.

grease meets gourmet

Wheelies Motorcycles

We love a nice piece of leather and a good cup of coffee so when we heard about a motorcycle shop that doubles as cafe we knew we had to check it out.

In 1948 2620 Rock Bay Ave. was an auto repair shop. Today it’s home to Wheelies Motorcycles, a full service motorcycle shop and gourmet eatery. The smell of espresso with a hint of worn leather and motor oil gives the entirely refurbished space a warmth you won’t find at any other garage, and an edge you won’t get at your regular coffee shop.

We’re not exactly well-versed in motorcycle culture and we won’t be making use of the u-wrench service or talking shop with the mechanics, but anywhere that serves up Baked Mac n’ Cheese and Braised Pork Sandwiches with house made ice cream and Bows & Arrows coffee is a win our books. And it’s not hard to tell that this place is already a favourite with bikers and hipsters alike – the cool practically hits you in the face the second you walk through the door.

Find Wheelies Motorcycles at 2620 Rock Bay Avenue and online at

the french 75

A few months ago I started thinking very seriously about my 30th birthday. It was fast approaching and I was having some regrets about putting off so many of life’s little things – you know, the things you always think about but never actually do, like visit San Francisco and bake bread.  So I reviewed my mental catalog of wants and complied a list of 30 things I aim to do as a 30-year-old (you can see all 30 here).  Now that I’m 30 (!) the list is in full swing, starting with no. 14 ~ perfect the French 75.

When you find the perfect cocktail you never forget your first sip.  I had my first French 75 at Ferris’ Upstairs and its been a passionate love affair ever since. I turned my kitchen into a bar and celebrated the big three-oh with dear friends and delicious cocktails.  The trick to a tasty French 75? Lavender. Martha S. was kind enough to provide the recipe for a lavender simple syrup.


PS. Thanks to a special someone, I can also check no. 22 off the list ~ acquire a bicycle. She’s a beauty!