friday faves: wardrobe edition

friday faves: wardrobe edition

Sorry fellas, this one’s for the ladies. Unless you’re a guy who suffers from wardrobe anxiety and is occasionally late strictly because you couldn’t decide what to wear. If that’s you, then read on my man.  And we’re sorry for gender stereotyping.

We’re in a wardrobe rut. For who-knows-what reasons, our clothes just haven’t felt good lately. We’re missing those go-to pieces that make us feel really good, and instead we’re drowning in way too many ‘meh’ pieces that have us feeling, well, meh.  Friends, meh is not good enough and these four friday faves are here to back us up on that.

1. A few weeks ago, the internet delivered Matilda Kahl – the wonderful woman who wears the exact same thing to work every day. Her story may be old news by now, but we still can’t stop thinking about how genius it is, and we found her reason for making the switch to a work uniform incredibly relatable.  2. Here’s the lovely Kate of Wit & Delight showing off her take on the uniform.  3. Soon after we read about the uniform, we read about wardrobe capsules. It was like the universe (okay, the internet) was telling us to rid our closet of meh and fill it with what a very smart woman named Mom calls “investment pieces”.  Fashion blogger Caroline Rector is a pro, as proven in this piece on The Everygirl. Follow Caroline’s minimalist process on her blog, Unfancy. Summer capsule planning starts now.  4. We don’t care how superficial this sounds – the right clothes make a person feel good, dammit. And when we feel good we spread that feeling to those we meet. This little post is about cultivating happiness.


it’s true love!

Nicolet, by Truvelle

We’re typically pretty decisive, but when it comes to picking our favourite dress from Truvelle‘s 2015 collection we’re at an absolute standstill. There’s just too much pretty. Founded in Vancouver, BC by designer Gaby Bayona, Truvelle is about as local as it gets. Each wedding dress is made from scratch in their Gastown studio using handcrafted patterns and carefully selected hand-cut fabrics. Our words can’t do the new designs justice, so we’ll let these photos do the talking.

Berkeley Dress by Truvelle

Klara Dress by Truvelle

Natalie Dress by Truvelle

Nicolet Dress by Truvelle

Taylor Dress by Truvelle

Sierra Dress by Truvelle

Oh, did we mention those of you walking down the isle next year can meet Gaby and her dresses this weekend (October 25/26) at Victoria owned and operated bridal boutique The White Peony? Colour us with envy!  Write to or call 250.590.8044 to book an appointment.

friday faves: floral edition

friday faves: floral edition

Who says flowers are for spring?

1. We heard the lovelies from Rook & Rose are teaming up with The Hive to bring the pretty to Rifflandia. Stop by their beauty booth at RAP for some hair magic and a free flower crown!  2. We know we mention Rifle Paper Co. a lot, but would you look at these books?? We’ve already placed our order.  3. We’re obsessed with the free desktop downloads designlovefest posts on the regular. 4. There’s more to Urban Outfitters than high waisted denim and crocheted crop tops. Their apartment section is to die for, in particular their bedding. We love this floral duvet.


friday faves: feel the heat

friday faves: feel the heat


It’s hot. Here are four cool ways to feel the heat.

1. Are you human? Then you know that swimsuit shopping sucks. Vancouver-based Nettle’s Tale gets that, and we love what they stand for – empowering women to not just accept themselves, but sincerely love themselves. They do it with locally made, thoughtfully designed swimsuits for women from all walks of life.  2. We like the idea of a tattoo, but we have commitment issues. Tattly offers awesome temporary tattoos that range from fun and quirky to powerful and beautiful. We love their recent collaboration with the lovelies that are Rifle Paper Co. You might just see us sporting some new ink this summer.  3. Three words: awesome festival hair.  4. These days we’re all about Lykke Li’s latest album, Never Learn. We can’t wait to see her perform at Squamish Valley Music Festival (where we’ll be rockin’ our awesome festival hair).

friday faves: summer’s here

{oh} victoria: friday faves: summer's here

Guys, summer’s here.

1. We’ve pretty much vowed to never do a juice cleanse (seriously, it’s in writing) but the ma-luxe ladies have us reconsidering. Check out their review of the Vancouver-based Juice Truck and you too may be swayed.  2. This hat is a fair-skinned girl‘s best friend. And we don’t want to hear the ‘I look terrible in all hats’ moan – this cap is the universal exception.  3. You live for Fol Epi‘s bread and you lust for their pane chocolate, but have you had their organic soft serve vanilla bean ice cream in a fresh waffle cone? They’re serving ’em up all summer long!  4. Bangles, bangles, bangles. Leah Alexandra has all your summer (not to mention, fall, winter and spring) jewelry essentials. We can’t get enough of her bright, happy colours. Available online or in Victoria at Violette Boutique.  5. It’s important to stay hydrated on that sunny patio. These fruit ice cubes will jazz up that water (or gin, or vodka…)