cycle style: our top le vélo picks

Le Velo
A bike is a great way to get to work, to coffee, to dinner…but who wants to show up in head-to-toe cycle gear? We’re firm believers that a girl can commute on two wheels and still do it in style. It’s easy to go from bike to brunch with any of Victoria-based Le Vélo‘s fashion-meets-function bike accessories, so we’ve done you the favour of sharing our favourites. Trust us when we say it was hard to pick just seven.

1. Cape Ruby ($149) // We may be west coasters, but that doesn’t mean we’re okay with rubber rain gear. This bright blue beauty will look good and keep that favourite sweater and those go-to jeans dry.   2. The Professor Classic Pannier ($347) // Made for the urban professional, your colleagues will never guess you rode to work when you walk into the office with the Professor in hand.  3. Asungtaba Shopping Basket ($76) // We can’t help but see ourselves cycling home from the farmer’s market with this handwoven basket filled to the brim with local vegetables and fresh flowers. Idylic, yes, but totally doable.  4.  Skinny Rise Denim ($129) // We love to cycle to everything from brunch to cocktails, and we want to arrive looking our best. Made with performance fabric stretch denim, these jeans will help us do just that. Now what to do about that helmet hair?  5. Fredie Classic Satchel ($347) // Okay, so maybe we have a thing for classic leather bags, but who doesn’t? Just because a girl’s on two wheels doesn’t mean she can’t have a beautiful bag, too.  6. Bidon au vin ($45) // Do we really need to explain why this is on our list? Picnics are a bit of a Friday night tradition for us, and we’d be lying if we said they weren’t planned around wine. The Bidon au vin leaves room in the pannier for all that cheese.  7. Cento-Rattan Bicycle Basket ($90) // Beach towel, book, sunscreen, sandwiches. Just a few of the items we’ll be throwing in the cento-rattan basket when we head to the beach. Or the lake? Really, we can go anywhere with a basket like that.

Find Le Vélo online at or at a special pop-up on Saturday, July 18th from 11-4 at 455 Sitkum Rd.


riding pretty

Victoria loves to cycle, and dammit we want to look good doing it. As if this city’s not already a knockout, it’s about to get a lot prettier thanks to a brand new line of stylish vintage-inspired bicycles by Lochside Cycles. Founded by brothers Brian and Richard and their longtime friend Jeff, Lochside Cycles is a Victoria-owned bicycle brand. The avid cyclists do more than just sell bikes – they design every model that carries the Lochside name. Their mission? To get people on bikes they’re excited to ride.

Lochside Cycles

Starting at $400CAD, the bikes are as affordable as they are attractive. We’ll admit we’re lusting after the Lovelo and her pretty frame, though the Voyageur has caught our eye, too.  Or maybe The Jameson? With eight beautiful models to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone.

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We recently caught up with Lochside Cycles‘s Brian Kirk (the bearded stud, below) to chat bike rides and benny specials.

What’s your favourite ride in Victoria?

BK:  I’d have to say the stretch of road around Victoria starting on Ash Road heading through Caddy Bay and the Uplands, around Beach Drive and Dallas Road. The incredibly scenic rolling hills wind through what must be the most beautiful ride in all of Canada, and it can be done 12 months out of the year!

What makes Victoria a great city for cycling?

BK:  Victoria is small and flat. There are some great bike paths to get you around the different areas of the city, and more often than not, faster than it would take you driving to them. Did I mention the weather?

If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

BK:  All over Europe. If I have to narrow it down, Holland. They’ve just been doing it right for so many decades!

Do you have a favourite Lochside bike?

BK:  I’m definitely in love with The Jameson. From it’s name to its ominous all-black shadowy appearance. It’s minimalist and stripped down, yet bold. Also being all black, incredibly easy to coordinate with my entire wardrobe! Haha.

Best food/coffee/drinks in Victoria – go!

BK:  Anyone who knows me or spends even a little time with me quickly learns I have a love (addiction?) for pizza. You can usually find me hanging out at The Brickyard or lurking around The Joint looking for extra dipping sauce. I also enjoy my weekend brunch. Not a big fan of lines so I have to give a nod to Logan’s Pub and their ever-changing benny special. Loving the roasting coming from Cafe Fantasico and Bows & Arrows Coffee. I like a light flavourful beer, like Hoyne Pilsner, or Swans Pandora Pale Ale. Later on in the evening you might find me at Smiths chasing back shots of Jameson with a cold PBR.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 7.52.10 PM


Lochside Cycles are available online at, in Victoria at North Park Bicycle Shop and Fairfield Bicycle Shop, in Courtenay at The Broken Spoke Bicycle Shop, and in Vancouver at Reckless in Yale Town and Granville Island.