friday faves: foodie edition


Disclaimer: we were extremely hungry when we put this post together.

1. This New York Times piece on novelist and food-writer Laurie Colwin had us dying to read Colwin’s work. 2. So we bought Home Cooking.  3. Oh look, two of our favourite things rolled into one! This edible flower cake came from the lovelies over at designlovefest. 4. We have to make a conscious effort not to re-post everything our friends at Cooking to Get Laid do, but we just couldn’t help ourselves with this Peach Cobbler in a Skillet.

Happy Friday, foodies.

friday faves

fancy friday

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce our first ever friday faves – a series dedicated entirely to the little lovelies we stumble upon each week.  We hope you’ll share your favourites with us, too – you can comment below, shoot us an email, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.  Now without further ado…

1. This tall cactus from Rook & Rose. 2. This Baggu tote printed by Smoking Lily ($32). 3. Fun and pretty desktops from Designlovefest. 4. Tapa Bar‘s Grilled Coconut Kale as divulged by Cooking to Get Laid.

Happy Friday.