friday faves: summer jams edition

friday faves: summer jam edition


As festival season approaches and an endless stream of new music is hitting the airwaves, we have our ears wide open for this year’s best summer jams. And when we say summer jams we really just mean songs we can’t get enough of – that, sadly, does not include anything by Fun.

1. You may recognize Frazey Ford from The Be Good Tanyas. Her latest solo album, Indian Ocean, is on repeat these days, and her break-up anthem Done is a real highlight. How sassy is that video?  2. Oh, Florence. She’s done it again with her new album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Ship to Wreck is the first single, and yep – it’s on repeat too. 3. If you don’t know Alabama Shakes then you, dear friend, are missing out.  We first fell in love in 2012 with the release of their debut album, Boys & Girls. Their performance at Sasquatch Music Festival that year was one for the books, and we can’t wait to see them live at Squamish Valley Music Festival when they tour their new album, Sound & Color. The title track is a beauty.  4. Leave it to Dan Auerbach to make beautiful music with as many musicians as possible. While he’ll be in town with the Black Keys in just a few short weeks (!!!) he’s just announced a new album with The Arcs.  We’re digging this tune, Stay in My Corner.

What your favourite summer jams?

friday faves: wardrobe edition

friday faves: wardrobe edition

Sorry fellas, this one’s for the ladies. Unless you’re a guy who suffers from wardrobe anxiety and is occasionally late strictly because you couldn’t decide what to wear. If that’s you, then read on my man.  And we’re sorry for gender stereotyping.

We’re in a wardrobe rut. For who-knows-what reasons, our clothes just haven’t felt good lately. We’re missing those go-to pieces that make us feel really good, and instead we’re drowning in way too many ‘meh’ pieces that have us feeling, well, meh.  Friends, meh is not good enough and these four friday faves are here to back us up on that.

1. A few weeks ago, the internet delivered Matilda Kahl – the wonderful woman who wears the exact same thing to work every day. Her story may be old news by now, but we still can’t stop thinking about how genius it is, and we found her reason for making the switch to a work uniform incredibly relatable.  2. Here’s the lovely Kate of Wit & Delight showing off her take on the uniform.  3. Soon after we read about the uniform, we read about wardrobe capsules. It was like the universe (okay, the internet) was telling us to rid our closet of meh and fill it with what a very smart woman named Mom calls “investment pieces”.  Fashion blogger Caroline Rector is a pro, as proven in this piece on The Everygirl. Follow Caroline’s minimalist process on her blog, Unfancy. Summer capsule planning starts now.  4. We don’t care how superficial this sounds – the right clothes make a person feel good, dammit. And when we feel good we spread that feeling to those we meet. This little post is about cultivating happiness.

friday faves: mishmash edition

friday faves by {OH} Victoria

friday faves by {OH} Victoria

If this friday faves post has a theme, then it’s talented women. But that happened by accident, so we’re still going with “mishmash” – that’s just the kind of week it’s been.

1. For once, a DIY we can actually do. If you’re like us then your rings are on the coffee table, the dresser, the nightstand, the desk…really, any flat surface that happened to be available when you decided to take them off. Even if this adorable ring dish doesn’t solve that (it won’t) it still looks cool. DIY by the lady-run A Beautiful Mess.  2. We just stumbled across this We Heart It spotlight on Feling Poh and immediately fell in love with her whimsical water colours.  3. Kate of mega-blog Wit & Delight’s essay about ditching social media for a week is incredibly inspiring. We’ll let you know if we decide to follow suit.  4. How did we not know about The Toast until now? The book section is particularly witty.

friday faves: music edition

friday faves: music edition

1. We liked the first Alt-J album, An Awesome Wave, but we love (love!) round two. This Is All Yours was released last month, and we can’t get enough of it. Hold out for the secret song (track 14) – it’s a cover of Bill Wither’s tune Lovely Day.  2. We’ve been fascinated with The National for years now, and seeing them at the Orpheum in 2011 is probably one our best live music memories. Mistaken for Strangers is a documentary created by lead singer Matt’s slacker brother Tom..and it’s incredible.  3. We’ve been lusting after a pair of Urbanears headphones for quite some time. We’re hoping if we hint enough someone will put a pair under the tree in a couple of months.  5. We Are Revellers is local photographer Kim Jay’s celebration of festival goers. Click here to learn more, and keep your eye out for Rifflandia 2014 portraits!